About us


Founded in 2002, The Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists (FAPL) is a broad-based organization committed to establishing and maintaining high standards for professional advocates.

FAPL members adhere to explicit standards of conduct in dealing with public officials, clients, and other members of the lobby corps. Our principles are centered on honesty, integrity, and respect for the political process. FAPL's mission focuses on education and the ethical conduct which fosters a lobby corps that is both knowledgeable and professional.

FAPL is governed by a Board of Directors, but ultimate power is vested in our members. FAPL membership is open to any Florida registered lobbyist.

We represent a diverse group of individuals, agencies, educational institution and non-profit associations. Lobbyists operate in a manner of different business models. Some operate independently some in large lobbying films. others are employees of agencies or institutions, and many are the directors or employees of nonprofit associations.

A tribute to one of FAPL's founding members, Senator Ken Plante

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