Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists

OUR Mission 

The mission of the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists is to establish and maintain high standards for the lobbying profession.

The Association's mission focuses on education and ethical conduct. Each member must complete an initial course in lobbying regulation and ethics and then participate in periodic continuing education. The Association's Code of Ethics sets out explicit standards of conduct in dealing with public officials, with clients, and with one another that are based on principles of honesty, candor, integrity, and respect for the process. 

A Code of Ethics, standing alone, rings hollow in the absence of a process by which those who may fail to meet ethical standards may be shown the error of their ways. The Association meets that need through a dispute resolution process based on mediation and reconciliation but with the potential for sanctions when all else fails.

The very essence of this Association is the establishment and maintenance of the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct for those who take pride in being a professional lobbyist. We welcome your membership as a person who shares these values.

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