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 Designated Professional Lobbyist Program

Our mission statement calls for a  “commitment to high standards for the lobbying profession” and for the “the establishment and maintenance of the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct for those who take pride in being a professional lobbyist.”

Many professions in Florida have become regulated by the Legislature when a problem arose which affected the health, safety and welfare of citizens.  The result was a framework for professional conduct in that profession.   While that scenario does not represent our current situation, FAPL believes it is an opportune time to be proactive—not reactive.

As a result, the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists has created a gold standard, the DPL, for designating those government relations professionals who develop in-depth knowledge of the legislative and political process, its rules, regulations and ethics.

The DPL program is a voluntary opportunity to strengthen skills and effectiveness of government relations personnel in lobbying firms, corporations, and not-for-profit associations.  Those new to the profession quickly gain expertise it might otherwise take years to acquire, while experienced lobbyists stay current on new ethical and regulatory areas. At the same time, they earn a professional designation and recognition among peers in the lobbying community and in government.

FAPL is leading the way as the ONLY state lobbyist organization offering such a program.  Join us in creating a new image for our profession!


The Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists is pleased to announce the following FAPL Members attended the required courses during our 2018 Annual Conference in Orlando, to earn their DPL designation for the first time or met the requirements to renew their DPL.  The required courses included Ethics, Laws & Rules, and General Business Education.  Congratulations to:

Alexandra Abboud, DPL

G. Oscar Anderson, DPL

Robert Asztalos, DPL

Melanie Bostick, DPL

Jeff Branch, DPL

Kaitlyn Gardner, DPL

BillieAnne Gay, DPL

Jennifer Goen, DPL

Suzanne Goss, DPL

Jennifer Green, DPL

Jeff Greene, DPL

JoeAnne Hart, DPL

Michael Hightower, DPL

Marion Hoffmann, DPL

Amber Hughes, DPL

Paul Jess, DPL

Mark Kaplan, DPL

R. Kershner, DPL

Marsha Kiner, DPL

Jeffrey Kottkamp, DPL

Deborah Lawson, DPL

Doug Martin, DPL

Kim McDougal, DPL

Troy McNichols, DPL

David Mica, DPL

GC Murray, DPL

Dave Murzin, DPL

Rachael Ondrus, DPL

Jenna Paladino, DPL

Thomas Parker, DPL

Tim Parson, DPL

Mariann Sabolic, DPL

Sharon Smoley, DPL

Brad Swanson, DPL

Justin Thames, DPL

Ronald  Watson, DPL

Jennifer Wentworth, DPL

Larry Williams, DPL


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